Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Driveway Graffiti

When Emma arrived home with her belongings and fish Fred on Monday night, all the kids in the neighborhood suddenly materialized—along with their chalk. They were so excited to see Emma that they decorated our driveway. Soon several adults showed up too, and it took ages to unload the van because we were so busy having an impromptu street party.
Emma finished articling last week and has three months off until she starts work at the beginning of September. On Friday she leaves for Asia with her boyfriend Bryan. They are going to Hong King, Thailand, Cambodia and Viet Nam, and will be back at the beginning of July. Then Emma will have to start looking for a place to live. David has rented an apartment closer to work so he won’t have to spend so much time commuting. The two of them got on so well during their year of living together that I’m sure they’re really going to miss each other. In the meantime, we have custody of Fred and the orchid, and are looking forward to spending a few weeks with Emma before she is tossed headfirst into adult life.


Godelieve said...

Enjoy your time together!!
Wishing Emma a wonderful trip...
The graffiti brings back memories. Such a nice welcome :)

Leslie Jane Moran said...

This makes me want to play hopscotch!