Monday, June 16, 2008

The “To Do” List

For years I’ve been keeping a weekly to do list. John finds this hilarious because he’s much more spontaneous about planning than I am. Last night he asked me if I ever managed to get all the items done on my list, and it was embarrassing to admit this has never happened. In fact, I usually end up carrying over a goodly number to the next week.
When I got up this morning and looked at my list, I felt like going right back to bed and just chilling out because I know as soon as I complete one thing, a new task will suddenly materialize to take its place. I don’t like the feeling of being constantly under the gun, but it’s really my own fault. I try and do too much in a week and then end up being disappointed in myself when I can’t keep up. Maybe less actually is more, so I think I’ll try to lower my expectations for this coming week, or as John says: Be an elf to myself.

P.S. I almost forgot! Sandy took some great pictures of ATC night and our Asian trades, which you can check out on her blog.

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Sandy said...

I never heard of the term 'be an elf to yourself'..interesting. I find that I get more down if I slow down and spread my tasks out for the week. Lovely piece Susan! I really like the numbers...Sand:)