Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Moo Challenge #16

Instead of having an early night, I got my second wind back (as I so often do), and I decided to stamp this week’s moos. Obviously the Make a Moo or Two theme is birds—and it’s a wonderful subject in my opinion.
As I was stamping away, I thought about how rich in symbolism birds are. Eggs represent possibilities; life’s endless potential just waiting to burst forth. And of course a nest stands for protection and a place to be nurtured. But above all, birds mean freedom to me …the ability to soar above the cares of life and explore the beauty of spirit.


Femmy said...

beautiful moos! love the colours!!

Stempelchaotin said...

Wow stunning moo´s.
Really gorgeous.

Godelieve said...

Amazing beauties! I like the symbolism. The fabric look of the background is great too.

Sandy Michelle said...

I usually use birds and eggs on my collages and I am certain it is because to me the eggs represent family and the birds represent freedom (bothe being important to me). I love your interpretation and your moos are delightful!

Sandy XOX

me again said...

Thank you for pointing me towards this MOO "challenge". I have ordered MOO cards via Flickr (and loved what I received!) but am now contemplating this create-your-own idea! I haven't made one yet (well, not one that I'd show anyone LOL) but I hope to soon. I've put the link up on my blog to Make a Moo or Two too :-)