Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Emma and I finally managed to fit in our Mother/Daughter writing pod this week. Because we hadn’t had one for a while, I think we were both feeling a little guilty. And when you’re away from anything for a while, you feel you should throw yourself back into it full tilt. But you’re not sure you’ll be able to.
This can be a real challenge when you’re dealing with a major project like a novel. Your intention looms like a skyscraper. What floor should you get off at? Or even: which elevator to take?

As much as we both wanted to, we couldn’t make up for lost time and finish our novels in an afternoon. We knew we needed a way in—a trail of breadcrumbs that would put us on the path to grandma’s house …i.e. something to help us focus and keep our minds on the moment.
What we ended up doing was choosing an image from my deck of ATCs, and then writing about it. Emma picked a doll, and I went for an anatomy diagram. This visual quick start was just what we needed because we got back into the writing groove more easily than we thought we would.

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