Friday, July 18, 2008

The problem of time

One day when I was at the hospital visiting my dad, he told me that I was “relentlessly positive.” I asked if he thought this was a bad thing, and he said: “Not at all.”
What I didn’t say to him was that I have to work at being positive with any number of things. Like time, for instance. There never seems to be enough of it; I always seem to be worrying about the way I use it, and what I have to show for it.Then again, I usually find it helpful to be positive about the negative—to reverse it in other words. So the good thing about time is that it forces you to consider what your real priorities are and to act on them in the best way that you can.


Godelieve said...

"Be positive about the negative"... so wise!! Have to remember that.
I really like how you worked on the time theme.

juneh said...

oh spoken like a true optimist...:D

ps - foot fetish i have not, nor eyebrows for that matter. :)

Stacie said...

I struggle with time and my feelings about it a lot! Great post and i really like your blog too!!!