Friday, April 27, 2007

Burning the midnight oil

I promised Emma I would keep her company while she finished off her extended paper on Children and the Law—all 52 pages of it. Tomorrow is her last day of law school…well, technically I guess it’s today. I’ve just prepared her a fortifying snack of crackers, olives and cheese, and made some for myself too.
Actually it’s never a hardship for me to burn the midnight oil especially when I’m not the one toiling over law books and policing my grammar. I always hated writing essays when I was in university. Coming up with ideas was the fun part. Putting it all together was a drag. While Emma has been working, I’ve written two pages of my book, looked at Renaissance paintings, played in Photoshop and compiled a list of action verbs. Now that I’ve been fueled by my favorite garlic-stuffed olives, I think I’ll tackle my email.

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