Saturday, April 28, 2007

Tomorrow is Moving Day

It feels strange to have children who are old enough to do their own packing. David is filling the van as I write this, and Emma is upstairs cramming stuff into boxes. All she wants me from me now is to hang around with her and talk. As you know, talking is always something I can do.
Today was spent shopping and picking up various pieces of furniture donated by friends and relatives. Mum gave us two comfy beds from their spare room so Emma and David will have a place to sleep when they come home.

The house has a weird vibe, as if it knows that things will be changing shortly, and Lily is freaked. She has shifted into Velcro dog mode—never a stretch for her—and is glued to me wherever I go. I’m just crossing my fingers that she won’t start howling tomorrow. And me? I plan to do all my howling in private because the kids are just so excited.

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