Sunday, April 01, 2007

Taking a Quiz

I finally understand myself…sort of. John had David, Emma and me take an online quiz to find out whether or not we are right-brained, left-brained or in-between.
You probably already know the theory that one side of the brain tends to dominate the other—the left being logical, sequential, rational, analytical, objective and focused on the parts that make up a whole, while the right is random, intuitive, creative, holistic, subjective and synergistic.
I was sure I was left-brain dominant because I seem to spend an inordinate amount of time trying to organize and analyze things. But it turns out that the right side of my brain rules the mental roost, so I guess I’m just trying to compensate. Both Emma and David are left brainers. Is this the result of being brought up by an all-at-once thinker for a mother?
The most interesting thing about the quiz results was that John is balanced between left and right. Apparently this is unusual. But somehow it doesn’t surprise me. John is the only person I know who not only loves poetry and art, but is also obsessed with accounting programs!

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june said...

It can't be that unusual as I am a double brainer too! -- balanced brain.

Who knows we may take over the world! muuuuwahhah!