Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The muse takes a vacation

There are piles of stuff everywhere now. David spent the day packing and he seems to be really organized. Last week he cleaned out the garage, which was great. However, my hopes of taking over his closet as storage space for my rubber stamps have been dashed. He plans on using it to store the stuff he’s not taking with him but can’t bear to part with (like his G.I. Joe trucks). I remember doing the same thing when I left home, so I guess what goes around eventually comes around, doesn’t it?
The muse isn’t taking kindly to all the chaos around here. Today she forced me to add six pages to my book, and then—without telling me how to accomplish this—she promptly decamped. I sure hope she comes back next week. (I’ve even promised her that she will have her own dog-free bedroom).

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