Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Catching up

It’s embarrassing to admit this, but I haven’t updated my writing portfolio for almost two years. Now that I have, I’m feeling pleased with myself…not only because I’ve accomplished something I’d been promising myself to do, but also because I can put all those magazines away to make room for more stuff. (Just what I need!)
I’ve written so many articles over the years that I usually don’t read them when they come out. Sometimes it’s almost six months before something I write appears in print, and my focus always seems to be on the project I’m doing in the here and now.
I made time tonight to work on another digital ATC in Photoshop. This image is from a book of playing cards published in the 19th century. Cards have long fascinated me. I remember reading somewhere that the advent of printing meant the average person could then afford some kind of art, even if it was only a deck of cards.
I’d really like to design my own deck at some point. Years ago I started drawing black and white tarot cards, but it was too complicated so I soon gave it up. Although I’ve posted over 60 ATCs to my blog since the beginning of January, this has mostly been spontaneous. I know I’d drive myself crazy if I actually had to organize cards into suits…still, it’s an idea that won’t quite let go of me.

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Beth Barany said...

Hi Susan, I love cards too! This one is great! Love, Beth