Monday, April 16, 2007

My First Wacom Drawing

Because I’m endeavoring to start having a regular weekend again, I decided I wouldn’t work on Saturday and Sunday. I started out by playing with my Wacom tablet (thanks again Jeanne!) and it was really funny trying to sketch with it.
I’ve always done a lot of drawing—well, it’s more like doodling or cartooning really—and I’ve never been self-conscious that I’m not that good at it. Because I didn’t stop drawing when I finished grade school like a lot of people do, I naturally turn to it when I can’t express something in words. Drawing is a kind of mental shorthand for me, and lately I’ve been thinking I’d like to improve on my skills…such as they are. This may sound strange, but up until now the main thing that has concerned me about drawing is where the image is placed on the page because I react so strongly to composition.
I haven’t quite got the knack of using the Wacom stylus as a drawing tool yet, but it’s not as difficult as I thought it would be. Learning how to use a new tool always stretches me creatively, and I’m keen to take this particular one farther.


Ronna said...

Love the drawing using the Wacom tablet, Susan. Do more!!

Pam Light said...

Susan--What an incredible drawing--I really like it. So different than the other work you've been doing. Of course, I have to ask what a Wacom tablet is. Your sis xoxo