Saturday, June 09, 2007

ATC Night Etcetera

I missed the last two ATC meetings at Bizzy B’s, so I really enjoyed seeing everyone last night. The theme was Italy and as usual no two cards were remotely alike. It was Colette who came up with the new name for our group, ATC Hive, which I thought was really clever because of the bee theme going on at the store, and all the activity. Our next theme is Hot Women (or is it Hot Babes?), and I already have an idea that I want to work on for this.
One of my art students from ten years ago dropped by yesterday before I left, and what a surprise. The last time I saw Steven he was nine years old. Now he’s now a big, burly good-looking guy who has just finished his first year of university and is still drawing.
Today John and I watched a really cool show on the painter Howard Hodgkin whose work I just love. At one point, the man who was interviewing him said: “Howard is happy to give clues about his paintings, but he does not give explanations.” Way to go Howard! Why should you have to explain what you do? People either get it or they don’t. And getting it doesn’t mean being able to explain it either. (At least that’s my excuse).
Howard (I’m calling him by his first name because otherwise I feel like I’m talking about a butler) has been to India over thirty times and part of the documentary takes place there. I was amazed to see elephants walking along the street in New Delhi, and the colors of buildings and clothing were so inspiring. Going to India is definitely on my to do list now.

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A bird in the hand said...

It was fun, wasn't it?

And, pssstt .... I came up with the word hive!!!!