Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Graduation Day

I love this picture of Emma and her boyfriend Brian that either John or David took today. I was surprised to see that all the graduating law students received a pink stole trimmed with white fur…very Legally Blonde in my opinion. It was fun to see the male graduates wearing it too. (I wonder what the deal is with the Paris Hilton Pink though).
As graduation ceremonies go, it was just about perfect. We sat near Emma, the speeches were short, there was air conditioning and it only lasted an hour and fifteen minutes! When Emma graduated from Queens, the ceremony was held in a hockey arena and there were hundreds of people graduating. It reminded me of a religious revival without the religion. (I met a woman afterwards who told me she didn’t like to waste time so she’d read most of a novel while she was waiting for her daughter’s name to be called. That seemed a little cold to me).
David didn’t go to the Queens graduation, but he got the morning off work to come today, and Brian and my parents came too. Mum and Dad brought some beautiful pink roses which coordinated with Emma’s stole…or is it a hood? Before we went over to the law school for a luncheon, John and I took Emma’s diploma (she’s now a Juris Doctor) to be framed in a tent that was set up on the lawn. When my dad saw her framed diploma, he said he was looking forward to receiving some free legal advice, but apparently Emma can’t give any of that until she’s called to the bar a year from now.


Mary Ambrose said...

I'm so happy for her! My second graduation was hot as hell and I was the only one to wear a stole/hood (as I had a previous degree). Brings back memories....

Ronna said...


A bird in the hand said...

Cute couple!

So now we have a lawyer in the fray. If I ever need one, I'll know who to call.