Thursday, June 28, 2007


Have you ever noticed that the things you have trouble with continue to be troublesome? (Does this make sense, or is it an oxymoron?)
What I’m trying to say is that unless things come together quickly for me visually, I usually end up spending a lot of time trying to get them right. Take this clip art image of a mirror, for example. For the last couple of weeks I’ve been playing around with it and come up with a number of different versions, none of which have satisfied me. I don’t have to be totally satisfied though, just reasonably so.
Because the actual mirror was missing from the frame, and the word “reflection” conjures up both an action and an image, I thought I’d put the two together to see what happened. Somehow it didn’t really gel. I think it’s the lettering. The question is: do I start all over again, or just chalk it up to experience? (It would be nice to feel experienced for a change).

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Ronna said...

I like it. Sometimes, I think, things come out not exactly as we pictured them...but they still work, only differently. Okay, am I deep or what? You know what I mean, tho...pretty cool, Susan.