Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Joy of Mail

I got a great package from Jeanne today crammed full of all sorts of nifty bits and pieces like this Vaudeville postcard which I just had to scan and alter into an ATC. I haven’t had a chance to fully appreciate everything Jeanne sent, but I did read through the Artfest journal she kept for me, and honestly, it was just like being there. As I was reading it, I felt like I was sharing it with her because I was experiencing it all through her eyes and heart.
I don’t think I’ve ever let anyone read my journals except for one I kept a couple of years ago, which was more like a notebook than a record of my thoughts. But I know Pam read one of mine when I was in ninth grade and she must have been around ten at the time.
I still have this journal; it’s mainly about a guy I had a crush on who looked like Pat Boone. (Yeah, I know I’m dating myself, but I actually ended up dating him for a while and he turned out to be gorgeous but dull…so much for those high school crushes).
The thing I like best about this journal, though, is the note from Pam inside that reads: “Dear Sue, I read your journal and I found it splendid.”I remember I was so surprised that my baby sister used a word like “splendid, I couldn’t be mad at her. Pam still has a great vocabulary. She’s the only person I know who can use a word like segue, and make you want to try it out yourself instead of saying: “Huh?”

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