Sunday, June 24, 2007

Family Reunion

We drove up to Bruce and Diane’s place in Orillia for our biannual family reunion today. Some adults, and four of the kids were missing this time, but Bridget, Claire, David, Emma and Brian carried on like a bunch of ten year olds in the swimming pool. There was a ton of food, lots of talking and laughing, and of course the weather was perfect.
I took plenty of pictures in my self-appointed role as the family photographer. As you can see, David has cut his hair. It’s hot in the glass studio, so he’s a lot more comfortable with the mini carpet he’s got going on now. (I like this picture because it looks as if I Photoshoped his head onto the water in the swimming pool).

Just as I was getting used to David’s hair-free ways, Emma decided to change her look too. Naturally a dark blonde, she went brown/auburn on Thursday, and as soon as I saw her I thought she looked like a little Highland lassie. Because she loves dogs so much, I took this picture of her with Tumbles, one of Bruce and Diane’s two dogs.
Now I'm off to organize my week and have yet another piece of Diane's incredible carrot cake.

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Ronna said...

Great shots Susan. I love family reunions! (I does look like you Photoshopped David's head on the water!!)