Friday, June 08, 2007

The Goldfinch

I’ve had one of those weeks where I accomplished very little even though I’ve been working really hard. It makes me wonder why we have to focus so much on production because doesn’t always tell the whole story. I know if I didn’t have to produce I’d probably be a much different person, and maybe even a better one. It would be nice to get out of my own head and be someone else for a while.
Take this little goldfinch outside my studio window, for example. I’m sure he’s not stressed out about page quotas and income. Just give him a nice Bachelor Button plant and he’s good to go. I love watching the birds come and go in our garden. We see (and hear) cardinals, robins, mourning doves, sparrows, starlings, redwing blackbirds and woodpeckers around here. One day there was even a family of ducks in the backyard. Not for long though. Lily has her territory and she polices it as faithfully as any cat.

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Ronna said...

Love the pic of the Goldfinch, Susan. Lovely!