Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Eureka Flo

Normally when I’m working on a digital collage, I just cruise through my files choosing images that appeal to me, and then I see what happens when I put them together. I try not to over think this process, but occasionally I’ll work on a collage off and on for weeks.
For my slide project series (this is the second), I decided once again to concentrate on using collage elements from Christina’s digiWERX line …specifically a snippet of brocade scrapbooking paper, a button, an image from her daguerreotype sheet, the Polaroid slide mount of course and some writing from a ledger page. I noticed an entry for “Eureka Flour” and decided to call my girl Eureka Flo.

I prefer to give the unknown people I transform a name. I don’t know whether this one really suits her, but I like the name enough to consider writing a story about her. Euereka Flo doesn’t look too happy in my opinion, but maybe she was just concentrating on keeping still for the photographer.


juneh said...

How do you know she smells?!?!

juneh said...

get it?