Saturday, August 25, 2007

A Good Saturday

Saturday is my least favorite day of the week. I think this might be because I was stood up for a high school prom on a Saturday. I still remember spending that night reading Gone With The Wind in my nightgown and a beehive that had been carefully concocted at the hairdresser’s earlier. (My friends were all out partying of course).
Fortunately teenagers don’t worry about having a date for the prom now. They just go anyway, which I think is much healthier.
John took me to see Stardust this afternoon and we both enjoyed it. It’s a charming movie and I’m surprised that it only got a 73 per cent positive rating from the critics on Rotten Tomatoes. Then again, Existenz—a movie that reminds me of a bad case of stomach flu—got 71 per cent, so all things considered, you’re probably best to go with your gut…or is that an oxymoron?
When we got home, David called and I spent an hour chatting to him about art, life and more art. I usually play in Photoshop when I’m talking on the phone, but I was so engrossed in our conversation that I completely forgot about it.
Tonight I’ve been enjoying ATC Quarterly. Each issue is such a gem, and Ronna does a great job of putting it all together. I think what I love about ATC-Q is the incredible variety…different ages, different approaches, men and women, and lots of fab art. It’s always so fresh and inspiring. The cover (shown above) features a journaling ATC by Cindy Couling, and inside there’s an article on her. I keep thinking I’d like to do this myself. Now I’ve promised myself that I actually will.

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Ronna said...

Thanks Susan for your great comments about ATC Q. The cover looks great on your site!