Thursday, August 16, 2007

Girl Power

Andrea gave me a great book for my birthday called Women, Art, and Society by Whitney Chadwick. If you’re intrigued by the role of women in art history like I am, you’ll love this book. It’s text-heavy but fascinating.
For example, did you know that women artists had more freedom in the medieval period than they did in the Renaissance? If you were painting in Italy during the 16th century, any commissions you made went straight to your father or husband. Imagine being the court painter to Phillip II of Spain like Sofonisba Anguissola was, and yet you’re not allowed to have your own money or cash your own cheques. I’m just grateful I’m living in the 21st century myself.

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Ganga Sunshine said...

Wow...paid to the father??? Here is to living in the 21st Century although I must admit that I have come a long way in my own life to realize the power of being a woman and what we can give in this world. I love art too and completely get lost in songwriting.
Your blog is inspiring!!! Peace!