Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Good News

Emma got an email to say she’d passed her bar exams today, and we’re so thrilled for her. Now all she has to do now is work like a dog* for the next ten months to finish her articling and then she’ll be a full-fledged lawyer. One of the areas that interests her is Intellectual Property—copyright is part of this specialty—so at some point I’ll be able to speak with more authority on this subject (albeit vicariously).
Sometimes I’m tempted to use this blog as an excuse to complain about things that are troubling me. But something usually comes along to distract me—like Emma’s good news or a slice of Longo’s strawberry cream cheese crumb cake. Okay, I’ll admit I’m proactive about the cake thing. It’s a good job I don’t live near Ronna, or I’d be making a pest of myself sampling all of her sweeties.

*I’m not sure where the expression “works like a dog” comes from. Aside from patrolling the backyard for skunks and chasing airplanes and rabbits, Lily’s work consists mainly of finding comfortable spots for extended naps and hassling me for snacks. I swear she must have some hobbit in her because second breakfast is obviously her mantra.


Ronna said...

When I was in New Brunswick on my family reunion, I met a cousin who baked cakes professionally and many of them are "guilt free" cakes (cheesecakes with yogurt, etc.) The chocolate layer cake was to die for.
I think the 2 of us should take a road trip!

knicksgrl0917 said...
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Pamela Light said...

Congratulations to my beautiful niece Emma Jennifer--hopefully I'll have some intellectual property you can work on! We're so proud--Pam, Brian, Bridget, Richard and Claire xoxoxo