Monday, August 27, 2007

the Inner Landscape

Do you remember Hackers? It’s the 1995 movie starring Angelina Jolie (and her lips were just as plump then as they are now). Anyway, there’s a scene where the hackers are trying to break into Fisher Stevens labyrinth of files—graphically represented as mile after mile of skyscrapers.
Tonight when I was doing a back up that’s exactly what my hard drive reminded me of. I have so many files it’s insane. Do I have the strength for a total cleanup of the megacity? Somehow I doubt it. Where is Batman when I need him?

Fortunately I’m off tomorrow to spend three days in Orillia with Bruce and Diane, so I can postpone any action for now. It will be good to get away from everything digital. David gave me a nifty book of old anatomy illustrations, so I’m going to take that to look at, along with some art books and my journal.


juneh said...

ooooh do have a fun and relaxing time... you're in for good weather!

martha said...

I've given up trying to find anything by browsing my files. I just do a general search , hoping that I actually named the file something logical. Unbelievably, I usually did.......