Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Netless in Brampton

For three days John and I have had no Internet access because of several brownouts on Saturday night. Horrors! Am I the only person who worries they might miss the email that could change the course of their entire life (in a good way)? Pathetic, isn’t it?
Sunday was my niece Claire’s 21st birthday party and for the first half hour I had to control myself from going upstairs to Pam’s office to check out my inbox. Fortunately I soon forgot about connecting to the world at large and focused on enjoying the festivities—mainly by doing a lot of eating and yakking, both of which I excel at.

But actually, the longer I went without email, the easier it was to handle it. The funny thing is, we could have fixed everything on Saturday because the problem was a build up of static electricity. Unplugging John’s computer (which I’m networked to) seemed to do the trick. Maybe the static inside our own heads was mirrored by what was going on in digital land?
Anyway, the point of this post is: if you’re having computer difficulties, unplug everything and then reconnect. This is the second time it’s worked for us—and for different problems.

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Godelieve said...

This is another beauty. I wonder how these ATCs would look in a book....
Thanks for the PC advice :)