Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Going Through My Stuff

I like this image of "Ella" that I put together with elements from Christina’s digital scrapbooking line because I’m sure Ella’s household ran smoothly, and all her stuff was beautifully organized.
Since I’m gearing up for the Red Hat Stampers weekend—and getting ready to do my assemblage project for our club meeting on the 28th—I’ve been plowing through box after box of supplies looking for inspiration. Actually I don’t think I’m in need of inspiration because ideas come easily to me. No, the problem is making decisions…always the clincher for me.
Anyway, I found some interesting stuff I’d forgotten about like the inside of a camera, leopard print reading glasses, a bowl of my grandmother’s I broke that forty years ago, an old roof shingle, a Styrofoam heart and some watch parts (among other things). I feel like staying up all night and planning more assemblages. Down girl. You already have way too much to do.

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