Saturday, September 01, 2007

That Time of Year

I know I’m not the only person who gets that itchy feeling inside when September 1st rolls around. You want to buy yourself a fresh box of colored pencils and some pristine notebooks because it feels like the time for a brand new start.
But I never liked school much. I hated being warehoused, and always seemed to be in some kind of trouble for something – passing notes; talking, laughing and carrying on with my friends; skipping school; and just generally wondering why my own personal agenda never dovetailed with what authority figures had in store for me. Oh, and I was never teacher’s pet either.
The weird thing is that I still feel like a student – a student in The School of Life. The question is: will I ever graduate? (And how will I know if I have?)

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Ganga Sunshine said...

I can relate to that "still a student" feeling. It seems that the first part of my life was spent memorizing and runnng away from memorizing and this part of my life is about being drawn to certain ideas and exploring them on a deeper and deeper level. I too wonder if the thirst will ever end?