Tuesday, September 04, 2007

A Small Change

A couple of weeks ago my friend Elizabeth Clontz posed the question: What is one teeny tiny thing in your creative workspace that if you shifted or remedied, it would make a big difference in your creative flow?
I have to admit thinking big and complicated is more my style. I’m sure my creative flow would be vastly improved by a $50,000 extension to my workroom—and the services of my niece Bridget (interior designer extraordinaire).
Still, Elizabeth’s question intrigued me so I thought I’d take a shot at answering it. Beside my computer desk, I have a table with dictionaries, my portfolios, clip art, books, journals, paper for my Epson, old photos and so on. Although it sounds chaotic, it’s really quite organized. But every time I want to print something or check my phone book, I have to move a set of upright files out of the way, and I haven’t used any of them in months.
Why hadn’t I done something about this before? Well, it seemed to be such an insignificant problem, and besides—I had nowhere to put the files (or so I thought). But in the space of ten minutes, I’d moved the files to a new location and now had more room and a more efficient workspace. Funny what one small change will do…how about you?

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Mary Ambrose said...

I would go back to something I learned years ago(but never really understood): Travel light, think big. Meaning, get rid of all my junk and just get a good book of drawing paper and a clean sharp pencil. But I know that's not going to happen....