Thursday, September 13, 2007

A New Motherboard

My computer flat-lined on Tuesday, and thankfully I only lost the two pages of my book that I happened to be working on. (Even though it was a drag, at least I had done a complete back up the day before).
We tried all sorts of recovery methods, but nothing worked, so it was off to 123 Computers for some digital first aid. John picked up my reformatted computer around suppertime tonight—complete with a new motherboard.
He asked the technician if he could take the old one home to me because “Susan likes to take things apart and put them back together again.” The guy gave John a blank look, but gave the motherboard to him anyway.
As soon as John got home, I started taking pictures—it looks just like a miniature city! However, I soon discovered that I’ll have to find my camera software so I can download the photos to Photoshop. The closest I can come to a picture of the old motherboard at the moment is my daughterboard. And I have no idea what this ATC of Emma will look like either because I have to calibrate my monitor too.
I’m not looking forward to reloading all my fonts, brushes and gradients, not to mention my “preferences.” I spent a lot of time setting up Photoshop to suit me. Now I can’t remember how I actually did it. This time I'm going to make notes.

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