Thursday, January 31, 2008

Beginning an experiment

Even though I’m constantly thinking about—and planning—what I want to do, I usually only work seriously on one project at a time. But since I tend to hyper-focus on a specific project, this may not be the best approach for me. So tonight I took a deep breath and decided to work on seven things at once (seven being my “lucky” number). I gessoed five wood panels and a couple of small shadow boxes in preparation and then started going through my paper, paint and ephemera. Will working on so many things at once overwhelm me? I’ll let you know how it goes.


Ronna said...

Love your new header, Susan...(almost as nice as mine?)

A bird in the hand said...

As someone who works on several things at once -- well, let's just say I start several things at once, but I give them each my full attention -- I think you'll do very well!

I got the wallet in the mail today from Carmi. Yeehaw!

(And thank you for your dear comments on my blog) xoxo

Godelieve said...

Beautiful header Susan!