Friday, January 11, 2008

The Isolation Lifts

Shortly after I posted my last entry our server went down for a day and a half. It’s always strange when you can’t send or receive emails because you’re so dependent on them to stay in contact with others. But somehow it wasn’t as bad this time because I knew it was beyond my control and I just had to wait it out. Besides, I was already in the groove from being away.
The good thing about not having Internet access is that I automatically turn to reading instead of online cruising when I have downtime. What I realized when I was looking through my bookcases last night is that I have a pile of books I’ve never finished or even started. How could I have forgotten them? I guess it's the same old thing. I seem to pay attention to what's right underneath my nose.
Somehow I think this year will be all about finishing stuff off—like art projects that have stalled, and cleaning and sorting the basement. Now I think I’m going to add books to the list.

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