Saturday, January 26, 2008

Our Club Challenge

After my heavy-duty week, I was really in the mood to see my friends and have some fun. I had a great dinner at Beverly’s first, and then went on to the club.
As usual, we all rose to the challenge. The vase was transformed into everything from a fertility figure, to a mask and a lamp. If you want to see pictures of what everyone did, you can visit Carmi’s website. (While you’re there, you might want to check out her store as well. Carmi has some truly gorgeous ribbons and embellishments from France—just to mention a couple of the products she carries).
I debated about posting my own take on the vase because I’m not finished with it yet. For example, the head fell off and needs to be put back on. And the flashing light thing on the top of my doll’s head is precarious too. Beverly’s husband Michael suggested 2-part epoxy, so I guess I’ll be making a visit to Lowe’s soon.
We always have a demo at our club meetings, and last night Carmi showed us how to do felting. Then we all gave it a go (see mine above). Felting is very low tech and therapeutic. It reminds me of painting and is definitely something I’d like to do again.


Anonymous said...

this is so neat! I loved when you girls (ladies? gals?) made dolls. Are you going to do that again?

Susan Williamson said...

We never know what our next club challenge is going to be, but if I can squeeze a doll in, I do. (Our next assignment is altering a wallet).