Sunday, September 14, 2008

An Artful Weekend

The weekend got off to a good start with our ATC meeting Friday night. The circus was this month’s theme and even though I didn’t have time to make trades, Daniza, Shirley and Sandy each gave me a card (see above).
As usual we had a great time. I had a wonderful heart-to-heart with Sandy, scored a fab stash of vintage lace from Mary, looked at Colette’s inspiring nature journal, chatted with Martha about Artfest and made plans to go to the Creative Festival in October with Daniza. Then on the way home, Susan and I discussed our love of painting and how we’d like to do more of it—and work larger too.
On Saturday I spent most of the day figuring out my group project for the Red Hat stamping weekend on the 26th. Usually I do something that involves measuring, cutting and folding: i.e. a portfolio one year and an ATC box the next. This time I thought I’d try a mixed media project and finally got it all together about three in the morning. I hope they enjoy doing it.

Today I worked on assemblages off and on all day. It’s interesting working on several things at once. When I spread my energies out like this, I don’t feel the pressure to finish anything or to make it perfect. It’s a very pleasurable way of spending time because you lose all sense of it.

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Sandy Michelle said...

I really enjoyed our chat too! I wrote about it in my blog. Come and visit for a laugh!