Friday, September 26, 2008

Limberlost Project

When I took a photo of my project that we’ll be making up at Limberlost this weekend, the black frame didn’t turn out, so I cropped the picture to show you what the image inside it will look like.
I started with a frame from the dollar store, removed the glass and used the particleboard backing as my template cutting out a rectangle from textured paper. The stamp I chose is one from Catherine Moore’s French Laundry series, which I ordered from Jennifer Pearson Vanier.
I stamped on patterned scrapbooking paper, glued it on thin foam and then cut the image out so it would look dimensional. To finish everything off, I added more scrapbooking paper, chirogami, a postage stamp and flower, and a piece of Mary’s lace along the bottom.

Framing stamped images is something I’ve been planning to experiment with for a while, and I really enjoyed putting this prototype together. Hopefully my stamping buddies will have fun with the project too.


Ronna said...

Coolio! Love it.

A bird in the hand said...

Another of your many talents! xoxoxoxoxo

Ginger said...

Love this idea you inspire me to try more shapes and different papers.Your art lovely shows your love you put in each!
hugs ginger