Friday, September 12, 2008

In Praise of Cupcakes

Pictures of delectable treats online always prompt me to make a beeline for the kitchen. Ronna and Lenore often share photos of food they’ve enjoyed, prepared or have come across on their blogs, and this morning Leslie posted a picture of her birthday cupcakes. (Many happy returns of the day, girlfriend).
While I was reading Leslie’s blog, it occurred to me that cupcakes and desserts in general are aesthetic objects …a joy to look at, to hold and to taste. The assemblage artist Joseph Cornell was addicted to sweets. From what I’ve read about him, desserts compromised the main part of his diet. When he was working late at night on his art at the kitchen table, he’d stop to gorge himself on pastries. And if he was feeling cold, he would turn his oven on low and stick his head and shoulders inside to warm up. Not that this has anything to do with his addiction to desserts, but it was apparently the only baking he ever did.

Wayne Theibaud is another artist who was inspired by sweets. He did a whole series of paintings based on cakes, sundaes and pies. If you’re interested, you can check one of them out here.


azirca said...

ahaha I didn't know that about Joseph Cornell baking his head! I wonder if it helped with his creative process?

Mmm I love cupcakes, they truly are little sweet works of art, almost too good to eat....almost.

Leslie Jane Moran said...

Hey Susan,

There are still a few of those "Swirls" left.....bring your fork!!

We'll be eating cupcakes until the cows come home.

I knew there was some artistic connection to my love of sweets. Thanks for this great post. I'll save a few for our long overdue coffee meeting :)

Sandy Michelle said...

I think cupcakes are the most loved desserts! BTW, I forgot to say THANKS SO MUCH for announcing my publication with Somerset at Bizzy Bs. I know it's just one publication but you made me feel special and proud!!! I had an awesome time chatting with you (and the police..LOL). I will blog about it soon. Thanks again..Sand

Ronna Mogelon said...

How about a series of ATCs with a different cupcake flavour on each. Would be fab!