Monday, September 22, 2008

The TV Thing...

I can’t wait to watch Project Runway and the next rerun of Lost tonight. We’re several weeks behind the U.S. with Project Runway, but so far I’ve resisted checking out who’s in, or—in Heidi’s words—who’s “auf.”
Over the years I’ve become more comfortable with my TV addiction mainly because I’m also obsessed with reading, writing, Photoshop-ing and making art—more virtuous activities that offset my predication to sit in front of the electronic altar 24/7. (Fortunately there aren’t enough good programs on to tempt me to do that.)
One of the earliest memories I have is of watching TV with my cousin Ann, and I still remember the first cartoon I ever saw. Pluto encounters a drowning kitten and for some reason (probably because he’s a dog) can’t decide whether or nor not to save her. There’s a confrontation between a devil and an angel, who keeps crying: “Pluto, save the kitty.” I’m pretty sure the angel won out or else I would have been scarred for life.

I put my fascination with TV down to fact that we didn’t have our own set until I was in the eighth grade. We christened it by watching an episode of Alfred Hitchcock’s Thriller that was so scary my brother Robin and I spent the whole show with our arms wrapped tightly around each other. Come to think of it, Robbie loves his TV too. Guess we’re both just making up for lost time.


Carole said...

We watch so little television that I sometimes wonder why we even have a tv. lol I will say we do watch a fair amount of movies, but regular tv, very little at all.

I remember that cartoon, and yes, the angel won out and Pluto saved the kitten. lol

A bird in the hand said...

I always miss a lot of Project Runway because I never know the showtimes or the channel it's on and keep stumbling on it. And this is a show I really enjoy. Gah!

But to you: xoxoxo