Saturday, September 20, 2008

Back on Track

For the past few days our Internet has been up and down (down mainly), but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we’re back on track now.
Otherwise it’s been a good week. Towards the end of August I made the decision to go Artfest in 2009, and I received my confirmation package on Wednesday which was exciting for me because I was fortunate to get all my first workshop choices: an encaustic wax class with Judy Wise, Lynne Perrella ‘s A Face in the Crowd, and last but not least, Spontaneous Intent Clayboard with Mary Beth Shaw. Now all I have to do is to start saving up for the plane trip to Seattle, and figure out how to stuff so many art supplies into my suitcase.
I also had another piece of good news on Wednesday. I heard that I’m going to be having a solo art show at The Whitney Gallery in Brampton from October 8th to November 15th, 2009. It’s small but pretty gallery, which is part of the Peel Heritage Complex, the location of our regional art gallery and museum.

On Thursday night I went to an opening there and saw some great photos of dolls taken by Fausta Facciponte. After experiencing her work, I really got the itch to work larger. Hmmm …guess I have a real incentive now to experiment with something new and to see what happens.


Carmi said...

Congratulation!!! That is really good news!

Leslie Jane Moran said...

Indeed, this is wonderful. I'll mark the calendar right now!

justjen said...

A solo show. How wonderful. Wish I could see it! Congratulations!!!

juneh said...

yay! for you Susan. I am glad things are falling into place. :)

Ronna said...

Congrats! Love good news!!

Carole said...

Congratulations on the solo art show!

Artfest sounds like it will be a fantastic experience. I only live a few hours from Port Townsend. I do miss the art retreats I used to take. Maybe some day I'll have the opportunity to experience Art and Soul and/or Artfest.