Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Another Ann ATC

Looking at this ATC from a year ago September, I think I’d do it differently now. I was obsessed with scanning dried rose petals at the time, and lost Ann in the process. Then I merged the layers in Photoshop, so I’m stuck with it unless I want start again from scratch.
I spent hours today working on a Renaissance collage and was disappointed with the results. (Maybe it was listening to the same Britney Spears song over and over again? Must be K-Fed lurking in my subconscious!)
It never fails to surprise me how the creative process changes from one piece of art to the next. You think you’ve got it—that magical X-factor—and then the next thing you do defies any attempt to come together. The pieces I have the most trouble with are rarely the ones that appeal to anyone but me. But I like them because there’s a whole story going on that only I understand and appreciate.

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