Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A Busy Day

Today was the deadline I’d set for completing the first draft of my book. I’m actually ahead of the game because John finished copyediting it last night, and as a writer I once worked with used to say, “There’s tons o’ changes.”
John made some really great suggestions and noticed all sorts of groaners. But he said it was better than a first draft, and that he really liked my book. It’s made enough of an impression on him that he’s started quoting me if he feels I’m not taking my own advice!
One funny thing about John’s copyedit was that he thought the conclusion was the preface! I had to laugh about that because the end often seems like the beginning, doesn’t it? Fortunately my book isn’t a linear take on things. But yes, I still have to write the preface…or more accurately, the introduction, and tomorrow I’ll start the rewriting, which I know from experience, will be a lot of work. Rewriting lacks the excitement of starting from scratch. At this point though, I’m just happy I’ve come this far.
I worked on my website today and started some new digital collages for Holly Jolly. This one is a collabo between David and me: his glass brick and my Photoshop-ing. Oh, and I can’t leave Christina out…the groovy circle is one of her Sketchy Evidence brushes.
I’d never heard the word “collabo” until David suggested that we do more of them. Apparently it’s rap speak for a couple of performers who do a song together.


Jeanne said...

Hi, just trying out your instructions as if I had never done this before. Actually when you reach the Choose your identity screen, you will notice that there is a blue button on blogger. A non-blog member with no log-in privileges must first choose the "Other" or the "Anonymous" button before the comment will publish.

This stumped me the first couple of times I tried.

Anyway, comment persons, don't give up! This is a worthy blog to comment on, and I love to see what people have to say about and to my friend, Susan.


Jeanne said...

I thought I was leaving the above comment on the entry about comments. Ah, well.

My comment for collage on "A Busy Day" is: two remarkable talents! Next he will have to embed a heatproof transparency of one of your collages into the brick. Let me know if you pull this off!


Mary Ambrose said...

Finally, I found a way to leave comments and I don't have time! But now I know how to. Gotta run.