Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Artfest – Day 2

Anyone who knows me well would agree that it takes a lot to make me mad. But Anne Grgich’s class did. There were way too many people in her workshop and the room was too small. Because we were so crowded together, it made trying to do two paintings a real challenge. Plus I had a terrible seat. Every couple of minutes or so, I was interrupted by someone trying to get past me. Not their fault of course, but I found it difficult to concentrate and ended up having to stand for most of the day because there was no room for my chair.
Another thing that bugged me was that Anne showed slides of her work for almost an hour and a half. I discovered afterwards that I wasn’t the only one anxiously thinking: “How will there be enough time to do any painting?”
Now that I’ve finished complaining, I do have to say that I got a lot from the workshop in terms of discovering what I could do with my digital images in a painterly format, and I hadn’t expected that. It was an enlightening process, but I just wish I’d had more time and more space to take what I did farther.


kelly rae said...

hey you! i was in that class, and you and i chatted in our dorm about it - how it was too crowded. but, wow. your pieces are amazing! i just found your site from your trading card! i was also in your Claudine Hellmuth class! i'm still recovering from the whole experience. it's great to find you in blog world!

Marissa Decepida-Wong said...

Somehow, I can't imagine you getting mad, but by your account of the certainly have a right to be. Imagine your creative juices being interrupted throughout the would be put me in a state as well.

Lovely work of art. Imagine what else you could have done, if you didn't get interrupted so much (-: