Monday, April 24, 2006

My Muse

Despite feeling punk all weekend (and I don’t mean hip and cool), I still managed to work on my creativity book, and I’m happy with what I did.
It was almost two years ago that I started making notes on it, and despite the fact I’d accumulated a filing cabinet full of “stuff,” I’ve made very little progress on my book until recently. I owe this rejuvenation to my creativity coach Beth Barany . I’ve been working with Beth for the past several months, and her provocative questions and insights have really helped me to find my focus on this project. And even though Beth started working with me on the writing end of things, she’s really helped me to zero in on where I want to go with my art too. I look on her as my main muse!

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Beth Barany said...

THank you for linking to me! I love the art. It would make a nice card, too.