Wednesday, April 12, 2006

My World

I am busily formatting, printing and framing my digital collages to put up in Fanzorelli’s Restaurant in downtown Brampton next week. This all came about when Andrea and I were having coffee there, and Crystal (a member of the wait staff) wanted to buy the picture I’d given Andrea as a present.
Of course what happens when I start looking through all my digital stuff is that I’d rather create new ones than market the collages I’ve already done. In a perfect world I would just hole up in my studio Photoshop-ing endlessly without having to think about the business end of things at all.
I did give into temptation today and finished off My World, a collage I’ve been working on – off and on – for months. It’s one of those pieces that’s taken a tremendous amount of work. For example, I removed all the perspective lines simply because they annoyed me. The truth is: after about twenty hours of work, I’m not that happy with it. The rainbow gradient I used looks cheesy, but ongoing experimentation hasn’t resulted in anything better. Now that I think about it though, My World might work better in black and white.

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Beth Barany said...

I love this! Can this be a card? ~Beth