Thursday, November 15, 2007

#12 for Lily

I love this shot I took of Lily relaxing on her back on John’s lap and enjoying the sun. Today is her twelfth birthday (macaroni and cheese tonight!) so I thought I’d celebrate with five reasons why it’s great to have a dog.

  1. They’re optimistic. I mean how many squirrels has Lily chased over the years and failed to catch?
  2. They like you just the way you are. No need for manis, pedis or Dolce and Gabana.
  3. They know how to get what they want without negotiating. Standing on your bladder at the crack of dawn is simply the most effective way to get breakfast pronto.
  4. They know how to fit in. I love it when Lily wedges herself in beside me on the couch while I’m watching Dancing With The Stars—and then rests her chin blissfully on my shoulder. (Guess she knows I’m not going anywhere for a while).
  5. They’re always glad to see you whether you’ve been gone for 15 minutes or a couple of days. In my opinion, we can learn a lot from our dogs because just being alive is a celebration for them, so my motto for today is: Go forth and be yourself!

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Carmi said...

Happy Birthday!!
That photo is so beautiful!