Thursday, November 29, 2007


For the arts and crafts sale at Emma’s law firm tomorrow, I decided to make some small collages on wood blocks in addition to selling my framed digital prints.
What I discovered when I started rooting through my stash is that I’m reluctant to use papers and ephemera I’m drawn to. Why is this? Why hesitate to use things that are meant to be used? Could it be that the desire to collect and hoard stuff is stronger than the urge to create?
Somehow I doubt this. I think this problem really stems from my fear a much better idea might come along in the future, and then I’ll be sorry I wasted whatever it is on something insignificant.

But somehow this feeling is based on limitation, which is certainly not what creativity is all about. So I took a deep breath, used up some stuff…and guess what? I really enjoyed myself.


Anonymous said...

I so understand this hoarding- I have so much stuff it is really bad. I am working on trying to use it up- I remember reading something Nick Bantock wrote about just using stuff and f it ends up getting covered up at least it got you there-making something. Congrats on doing just that-
Terry G.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see your stuff today. I never knew what to do with those curvy brass charms but now seeing your collage, it looks great.