Sunday, November 25, 2007

Emma's Skyscapes

I’m still not feeling 100 per cent, but I’m definitely better. John picked up David from the airport first thing in the morning. Then I made him breakfast and went back to bed. This afternoon we took him home and celebrated Emma’s birthday.
Emma had just finished opening her gifts when a phalanx of jets roared past the condo. She rushed to get her camera and got some great shots from the balcony. I wish you could have been there to experience it. We all found it really exciting. I know it’s the closest I’ve ever been to a plane without actually being on one—and there were 9 of them!


Ronna said...

Fantastic shots!
Hope you're feeling better soon.

juneh said...

oh! it must have been for the Grey Cup celebrations...either that or TO was being attacked!!!--nothing in the news so it must be the former.... :)