Friday, November 09, 2007

Family Bonding

Last night Emma took John to see The Police concert at the Air Canada Centre, while David and I spent some quality time together.
We went out for vegetarian Japanese food, and then came back to the condo where we played with alcohol inks on glass and watched a documentary on Van Gogh.
It was a fun evening for both John and me—and I hope for the kids—but our exhaust pipe came lose on the 401 on the back. We ended up parking the car at the mechanic’s and walking home through the park, which was dark, rainy and deserted. I’m just glad this didn’t happen on the way to Toronto because the traffic was terrible, and John would have been very late for the concert. There’s a silver lining in every cloud, I’m convinced of it.

P.S. Here are some scanned alcohol ink slides incorporated into my latest ATC.

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juneh said...

very nice...i see the last club meeting has generated some creative alcohol expression...oops ink that is ! :)