Sunday, November 18, 2007

International Eccentrics Day

I just googled International Eccentrics Day and apparently there’s no such thing so I’ve decided to institute one. Today is the day to celebrate your inner eccentric by doing something strange.
My contribution is superimposing a picture of my eye on a photograph I took of the mocha torte cake my mother baked for last night’s family birthday party. (Great cake by the way, Mum).
The most eccentric thing I’ve ever heard anyone doing was the lawyer who cut his toenails during a consultation with my father. But that probably catapulted him way beyond the peculiar and straight into the realm of the just plain gross.


Jeanne Schedler said...

the most eccentric thing I have ever heard of anyone doing is googling International Eccentrics Day. How do you think these things up?? Delightful idea. I'm sure I won't have to work too hard to think up something strange to do today.


justjen said...

Perhaps we can get the interest of our Premier to get this into legislation. After all he was going to get us a stat holiday in Feb. called "Family Day", which is great, but I would bet we all know at least one person who would qualify for "Eccentrics Day" too.

Ronna said...

I vote for every day being eccentric day...or is that just too eccentric?