Saturday, November 24, 2007

Under the weather

I feel too lousy to do anything except lie in bed. Even my hair aches (but maybe that’s because I have a lot of it).
This has put me behind on what I’m doing for the craft shows next week, and I had to miss our club meeting last night. I really look forward to seeing my art buddies and hearing all their news, but I had to settle for emailing Carmi a photo of what I did with the doily challenge. You can see what the original looked like on
her blog, and I’m sure she will be posting the results soon.
I have to admit I struggled with this challenge for a while. I considered everything from painting a mandala to making a pillow. But when in doubt, stick a doll’s head on it, use gesso or cover everything in plaster.
In the end, I settled for two out of three and managed to incorporate at least one doily element—a flower—into the assemblage I came up with.


juneh said...

yes Susan we did miss you! Your masterpiece looks fabulous in a photo I can't wait to see the real thing!

It was a neat meeting as everyone incorporated the "darn doily thingy" differently and each very beautiful works of art!

Hope you are feeling better!!!!

uncertainvoyage said...

Get better real soon! Poor you. We definately missed you last night. Hope you can make it out to ATC night in December. {{{hugs}}}

Jeanne said...

susan, this is magnificent. you did great and in my humble opinion, it was the best one, but you know I am prejudiced. Get well soon. Jeanne

Anonymous said...

Hey, we missed you! Hope you're feeling better.