Friday, November 16, 2007

Hiking Highlights

The best thing about hiking in Canada at this time of year is there’s no one else around. No picnics, no Frisbees, no parking lots jammed with cars. I like to take my camera so I can take pictures of everything that appeals to me. Then John and I come home, fire up my computer and hike all over again.
Here are some highlights from our latest foray:
Pampas Grass Stonehenge—right in the middle of a field, a small forest of pampas that was over our heads. (Wish I’d ventured inside).
Drake and his gals—I know “gal” is a tacky word in some circles but what else can you say about three ducks obediently trailing their lord and master?
Tree tongues—can’t remember what these ledge-y growths are called, but they are works of art.
Yes, Virginia, there are caterpillars in November—this little guy (or gal) froze when we stopped to look. Was the caterpillar terrified? Probably. I’m positive insects have feelings. I once broke up with a guy because he deliberately crushed a gorgeous beetle underfoot. The poor thing was actually trembling, and even though I begged Mr. X not to, he went ahead and did it anyway.


juneh said...

very beautiful photos...where did you hike? In Eldorado Park?

Ronna said...

Susan: your bracket fungus looks like an Artist Conk (Ganoderma applantum) so called because the white pores on the bottom turn brown with the slightest contact. There are many folk art masterpieces that have been etched on the undersides of these 'shrooms by folk artists. Maybe you should try it next time you're out and about?

Anonymous said...

mom, those pictures are fab. I LOVE the one of the caterpillar...