Monday, November 19, 2007

My thought for the day

I often become anxious when I’m planning my week. There seems like so much I have to do—and so much I want to do—and never enough time to accomplish it all. While I was thinking about this earlier, I realized I was holding my breath and understood that what we think about always affects our body in a basic way.
Then I remembered an experience I had standing on a friend’s dock one summer. It was a beautiful gusty day, and I felt light and free. The wind seemed to be blowing right through me. Wanting to justify my existence suddenly seemed absurd, and I realized that I was here to express myself. So today I plan to keep things simple and enjoy myself, and that’s my wish for you today too, dear reader.


Jeanne said...

Awesome collage. Very intriguing.


Mary Ambrose said...

this is a good one (as with all your art, of course). can you make some like this for background ATCs? (like you need more work!)