Saturday, December 01, 2007

Selling Stuff You Like

This was my favorite mixed media piece that I made for the craft sale yesterday and it was the first thing I sold. Mary’s sister Carole bought it, so I know it’s going to a good home.
Letting go of stuff has been a problem for me in the past. I think I like to keep things around to remind me of what I’m capable of. But that’s one reason why I enjoy having a digital camera. All you need to do is take a picture and you have a record of the work you’ve done.

Mary had some amazing jewelry for sale yesterday. I particularly liked her hardware line, and one necklace in particular. Hmmm. Christmas is coming up isn’t it?

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Anonymous said...

You'll have to start doing a lot of neck exercises to wear that one! It's so heavy I don't think a horse could carry it for long. Anyway, it was so much fun to sell next to you and I noticed a lot of people were interested in your work (no surprise of course)!