Thursday, December 20, 2007


Cori mentioned a while ago on her blog that she loved pictures taken with Santa Claus. Because this reminded me of a photo I have of Emma and David from the 90s, I went on a hunt for it.
Naturally I had to set aside my guilt feelings about having so many pictures that are not in albums…i.e. most of them…and try to stay focused. While I was searching, I came across an envelope of pictures my uncle had given me several years ago, and inside was a photo of yours truly taken with Santa in 1952. The weird thing is I don’t remember ever seeing this photo before. Did it simply materialize out of thin air?

My recollection of childhood is that I was introverted and always hung back. But according to my father this wasn’t the case. He wrote on the back of the photo that I looked like a ragamuffin because I’d been racing around Toy Town all afternoon and was very excited. Hmmm. Does this mean it’s time to rethink who I really am?


juneh said...

photo materialize?...perhaps, but I would like to believe its the magic of the Christmas Spirit passing through....

Ganga Fondan said...

Funny what we remember about ourselves as kids and what others tell us. I wonder if others romaticize or if we over-remember!!! :) Sweet pics!!!